I want a divorce.

Four life-changing words pierce daggers into the hearts of thousands of women 40 and over, whether they utter them themselves or they hear them from their husbands.  When the vows taken until death do us part shatter, the traumatic aftermath instantly transports these wives from the socially accepted plateau of familiar married life into a mirage-less desert of pain, depression, confusion, loneliness, insecurity, and self-doubt.  Shocked and stunned, they don’t know what to do, who they are, what their life will be like.  They seek an oasis, a refuge, a way to wholeness.

Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40 Day Healing Journey (DWP) is a spiritual guidebook designed to help women navigate their recovery on the emotional roller coaster of divorce. Each 10-day chapter focuses on a different phase of this therapeutic process.  Each day in the wilderness represents a specific aspect of the devastating divorce experience  – the grief, weighty decisions, to wallow in revenge or regret, and tips to rise above it all and create a new life of freedom and renewal. Poignant scriptures, self-reflecting probing questions on thoughts and feelings, and provocative next steps serve as a springboard for readers to take action.  Readers are encouraged to engage in the exercises and journal their emotions while on the road to self-discovery.

Paula Drew Fleming and Alexis Thal Yancey are two divorced women who decided to write Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40 Day Healing Journey (DWP) to provide the help they wished their mothers had, that they had and that other women experiencing divorce should have.

What DWP readers are saying:

Paula and Alexis’ book touched me deeply. I had to put it down occasionally. And refocus myself on the grammar rather than its emotional effects. What sticks with me is that it gave me a little shot of ‘brave’just when I needed it. I hope it does the same for many, many women.” Mandy Campbell Moore, Copy Editor

“This book provides an outstanding action plan and insight, including spiritual guidance and support as well as tools for self-assessment, empowerment and transformation. It paves the way for recovery and finding renewed strength, wisdom, happiness and fulfillment after divorce. I’ve been divorced 20 years and now am in a happy marriage. I wish that this book had been available to me during my traumatic divorce and afterward. There are exercises and scripture in this book which can continue to reinforce, guide, comfort and empower us on our life journey. I will keep my copy of the book for easy reference in my library and will also give gifts of this book to friends who can benefit from it. Many thanks to the authors. Excellent job.” —Betty Gillis Robinson

“It gets to the heart of pain and feelings that most people who go through divorce would rather not expose or deal with. This is an honest, very personal sharing and it helped me to see it from another perspective other than my own.  I think men experience divorce more intensely than most people would think, but because of this “macho” mindset we dare not share or reveal our true feelings, which I believe haunts us and eventually messes us up down the road and in other relationships.” —Bishop Robert E. Hayes Jr., United Methodist Church