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 New book helps women and men find way out of divorce wilderness”

I want a divorce!” …four of the most powerful, life-altering words any man or woman can hear or say… especially during the holiday season that includes Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s. Then you have Valentine’s Day. That’s difficult, too.

For the divorced, what once was a time filled with joyous family traditions, happiness, excitement, food and anticipation is now a period of great change, loneliness, sadness and fear.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  The authors of a dynamic new book – Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40-Day Healing Journey – and its companion workbook, are showing divorcees how to embark on a journey to re-energize, transform and recover from the emotional roller coaster that is divorce.

Authors Paula Drew Fleming and Alexis Thal Yancey – accomplished, award-winning broadcast journalists – openly and transparently reveal their divorce experiences in their book. The Texas-based authors are on a mission to help women and men heal by journeying through the wilderness of divorce to peace. They are available for interviews to share their successful methods in overcoming the pain and negative effects of divorce.

According to the American Psychological Association, between 40 and 50 percent of married couples divorce in the United States. Women are especially more likely to divorce as they age. Research shows women who reach 40 file for divorce more often than women under 40. The number of filings triples for women 55 years old, and quadruples for women 65 and up.

Whenever it occurs, however, divorce leaves families broken, shocked, stunned, catalysts for a wide variety of emotions.

But Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40-Day Healing Journey, written in a highly conversational style, uses the authors’ experiences, scriptures and journaling exercises to express thoughts, feelings and next steps. Their goal is to show readers how to let go of their pain, release their emotions, forgive, and get back in control of their lives.  The book serves divorcees, people in severed relationships, and those wanting to avoid the trials of failed marriages.

Paula and Alexis also facilitate extremely effective, life-changing workshops centered on the tenets contained within Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… (DWP).  These small-yet-personalized seminars allow participants to candidly and confidentially express and share feelings about their divorce situations, work through compelling exercises, and set intentions for their next steps.

To schedule interviews with the authors please contact them using the numbers and email above and for more information, explore our website,  Books can be purchased at and here on our website order page.

Sample Interview Questions:

  • Why is the holiday season so difficult for divorced people?
  • Loneliness is heightened during this time. What tips do you give readers to help them get through the holiday season?
  • You were surprised in the launching of your book. You discovered that it wasn’t only for divorced people. Who else is it for?
  • Men dealing with divorce vs. Women coping with divorce. What’s the difference?
  • The title of your book is Divorce. Wilderness. Peace…. A 40 Day Healing Journey. Why 40 days?
  • You also created a companion workbook. Tell us about it.

Excerpt from Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40-Day Healing Journey             Day 1 in the Wilderness – The Power of Change, The Power Within:               “Know that an entirely different, unfamiliar ‘you’ will take the stage. You will respond with either fight or flight. Right now, your world seems to be out of your control, spinning in unknown directions. Hold on. Avoid looking back. Latch on to your future. Choose to fight for new beginnings. You spent years taking care of your ex. Now it’s time to take care of you.”                                   

TESTIMONIALS for Divorce. Wilderness. Peace…                                             Paula and Alexis’ book touched me deeply. I had to put it down occasionally, and refocus myself on the grammar rather than on its emotional effect. What sticks with me is that it gave me a little shot of ‘brave’ just when I needed it. I hope it does the same for many, many women.”                                                                                             – Mandy Campbell Moore, Copy Editor

“This book provides an outstanding action plan and insight, including spiritual guidance and support as well as tools for self-assessment, empowerment, and transformation.” – Betty Gillis Robinson

“This is an honest, very personal sharing and it helped me to see from another perspective other than my own.  I think men experience divorce more intensely than most people would think, but because of this “macho” mindset we dare not share or reveal our true feelings.”                                                                                               – Bishop Robert E. Hayes Jr., UMC

TESTIMONIALS for DWP Workshops:                                                                   “I took the workshop over a month ago. I still think about it every day. Doing the (DWP) Desires of My Heart Chart, I found out so many things about myself I didn’t know.”

“Knowing that others have experienced, are experiencing my situation, that I’m not alone and can look forward to my healing process with success.”


“Very effective.”

“Very engaging. I am able to take these exercises with me to re-engage at another time.”

To confirm author interviews and for more information:

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Alexis Thal Yancey 214-335-4744