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Paula & Alexis

Hi divorce survivors. I’m Paula, and I’m Alexis and we are the authors of Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… 40 Day Healing Journey (DWP).  Okay, so we can’t seem to avoid all the TV love commercials featuring amazing flower bouquets, the three C’s of diamonds: clarity, cut and carat, plus, the romantic evenings out on the town during this Valentine season. The ads just keep popping up, coming around, pounding upon our hearts. They may make us wonder, “where’s the man of my dreams, my love interest?” Yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day, the universal day of love. But let’s flip this. Instead of focusing on expressing our love for a man, let’s focus on loving our family, our friends, and especially, loving ourselves. Let’s start today.  Do something loving for you.  Buy yourself a dozen roses, chocolates and a pair of diamond earrings.  Or, do something lovely for someone else and keep the love going past Valentine’s Day. We invite you to read an excerpt from DWP below and please blog your Valentine’s Day tales here. Have an awesome Valentine’s Day! Much love and have fun!

Day 19 in the Wilderness – The Desires of Your Heart

God promises to give you the right and good desires of your heart. Make sure they are in line with your spirit. It’s time to create your Desires of My Heart Chart©. Search your heart, spirit and mind to reveal everything you desire. Write it out. Flip through magazines for powerful words and pictures to tell your story from this day forward. Identify incredible images that describe and represent you. They may include exotic places, cities you love and want to see, achievements you desire, graduations, sail boats, scuba diving, an awesome sunset from a breathtaking beach side cliff, your dream home, a fit body, an ideal lifestyle, a healthy spiritual and emotional state of mind, and loving, honorable relationships. Use your imagination. Go for the gusto. Be transparent. Be Bold! Chart your new course! Your Desires of My Heart Chart© is your vision of your new life. There are no limits.

Clip or write out words and letters to create positive, strong and uplifting messages. Don’t hold back. Make your Desires of My Heart Chart© your personal visionary plan.  You might want to add some artwork to your chart, like painting a border around it.  Perhaps include interesting charms and trinkets.  Design different sections, such as a spiritual growth corner, a travel area, and spaces for career, love life, and family. Once you’ve written, glued or pinned all your items to your chart, place your masterpiece where you can check it out on a daily basis. Smile.