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Hi divorce survivors. I’m Alexis, and I’m Paula, and we are the authors of Divorce. Wilderness. Peace… A 40 Day Healing Journey (DWP).  You are probably wondering, “What’s a ‘Chicken Wing’ story?” We all have them.  It’s a story regarding a sacrifice you made during your marriage.  Please read an excerpt from Day 37 in the Wilderness, below and blog, chat, and post your “Chicken Wing” story. Can’t wait to hear it and to dialog with you!!!

Day 37 in the Wilderness – Dear Me

Paula   Here’s to me! Within a marriage, you make sacrifices, and most times, it’s the wives making them. Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you’re deprived of it. During my marriage, my ex would fry chicken on Sundays. He made excellent fried chicken. But he had dibs on the wings, and I allowed him to eat them even though I really wanted one. He never said, “Honey, do you want a chicken wing?” No, he just took both of them. I didn’t have chicken wings for 27 years!  Now it’s my chicken wing time! I can’t fry them, but I do go buy them and they are delicious! What’s your chicken wing story?