We are so glad those attending DWP… The Workshop got engaged in our exercises and found our workshop valuable.  Their feedback helped us strategize more so in future workshops, we will take participants even deeper in our activities.  We are on a mission to help women, and men, embark on a healing journey from the divorce wilderness to peace.

Thank you to all who came and shared their divorce experiences with us. Here are some of the comments of what they found helpful during the time spent with us in DWP… The Workshop.

“I took the workshop over a month ago. I still think about it every day. Doing the (DWP) Desires of My Heart Chart, I found out so many things about myself I didn’t know.”


“Very engaging. I am able to take these exercises with me to re-engage at another time.”

“Very effective.”

“Knowing that others have experienced, are experiencing my situation, that I’m not alone and can look forward to my healing process with success.”

Stay tuned to our blog posts for the next DWP… The Workshop, coming soon!  And if you’re wondering what our (DWP) Desires of My Heart Chart is, check out Day 19 in the Wilderness in DWP to find out!


Creating a DWP Desires of Your Heart Chart.

IMG_2055 (1)


Male attendee creating his Desires of Your Heart Chart.